About us

In 1995 an idea was planted: to create a company that, based on the competence of its professionals, would spread its seeds and reap the best results for its clients. This work philosophy has been fruitful. Today, Mota Assessoria is a company with deep roots, genuinely Brazilian.

This only happened because Mota Assessoria never lost the focus of its mission: the search for excellence in work. Our specialized professionals provide complete advice, always respecting transparency and ethics, which results in lasting and trusting relationships.

Our clients have an exclusive service, where they go through detailed analysis of the market in which they operate to better understand the expertise of each company.

One of the great differentials of Mota Assessoria is the performance “In Company”, a modern form of management, which provides direct service in departments, acting in a preventive manner.


Being up to date on market transformations and generating globalized solutions. This is the foundation of Mota Assessoria.

When served in a personalized manner, each customer receives all technical support. With the experience of Mota Assessoria, clients achieve immediate results. This agility, coupled with a comprehensive strategic vision, enables great competitive advantage and immediate results.

Our Mission

The permanent search for excellence in the services performed to our clients, with ethics and transparency.


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