Social Liability

We are a company committed to Social Liability. From our professional environment, which works with harmony and empathy, having dialogue as one of our main pillars! We have created the First Job Opportunity, aiming to discover and develop new talents as well as to prepare young people for the job market.

We promote monthly actions of integration and culture such as monthly celebration of birthdays and commemorative dates. Nowadays, through customer awareness and integration projects and the involvement of the entire team, we have drastically reduced printing by increasingly exploiting technology tools in our processes. Actions like these may seem small but have a major impact on reducing paper use, cooperating with nature conservation, and reducing unnecessary spending, such savings may be reverted to social projects.

Projects under development


Creation of the “SEMENTE DO BEM” (Seeds of Good) project: periodic events with needy children, adolescents and adults, with motivational lectures and the voluntary participation of professionals in the area of psychology, medicine and social assistance, in order to guide and stimulate the search for their life goals, through positive thinking and breathing techniques, overcoming adversity. Other projects are also being developed to be implemented throughout the year, such as Social Awareness and Early Childhood Education. This is how Mota works, thinking about the client and the community, to offer opportunities and sow dreams.


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