Mota Assessoria works with integrated solutions, from planning to final project implementation, in different areas such as:

Regulatory Consulting (ANP)

Covers all regulatory changes before the National Petroleum Agency. The client has access not only to changes already published by the Regulatory Agency but also to those changes under study. The client receives all guidance on the impacts that existing standards or new publications bring to the fuel sector.

We specialize in operations analysis for the preparation and transmission of the accessory obligation of SIMP / DPMP – Product Movement Information System, before ANP, for all activities involving the sector: Producers, Distributors, Retailer Transporter – TRR and Importers , Storage, Fuel Terminals and petroleum products, which is a vital tax obligation for the maintenance of Licenses before the Regulatory Agency.

Consultancy on the Building Authorization and Operation Authorization processes for Fuel and Chemicals Storage Facilities, with the ANP.

Tax Consulting

Constantly update our customers on all tax changes inherent in the industry, so that they can plan their operations in advance. It also includes the composition of costs with the entire tax burden, to obtain the final sale price, enabling a better market analysis

Tax Advice – Outsourcing

Analysis and calculations for statewide calculation of ICMS (Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services) and validation of ancillary obligations, as well as the preparation and delivery of EFD / ICMS, GIAS and other digital files, according to the requirement of each State where the customer is established.

Mota Assessoria specializes in the analysis of local and interstate operations, for the preparation and delivery of the ancillary obligation of SCANC – FUEL APPENDIX COLLECTION AND AUDIT SYSTEM, before the Finance Departments throughout the country, developing with the client a business operations planning to optimize results.

We operate directly on the customer’s integrated system, or on our ERP system, by exporting data.

Preventive Assessment

Mota Assessoria develops the procedural and preventive assessment service on the client’s internal controls, pointing out inconsistencies and indicating the most optimized and efficient forms of control.

Fiscal and Accounting Review

Development of the entire tax and accounting review process for companies that have an internal tax / accounting control system, as well as the examination of the ICMS verification processes at the state level, IRPJ, CSLL, IRRF, PIS and COFINS at the federal level and the municipal tax – ISS, in order to validate all procedures internally adopted by the client, and to ascertain differences in taxes to be collected and / or recovered. The objective is to prevent the client from being exposed to assessment risks, as well as detect tax recovery rights, not yet recovered.


State and Federal Tax Recovery Processes

Preparation and monitoring of ICMS Refund processes in the State and Federal Taxes and Contributions of any nature.

Tax Planning

Tax planning aims at the study of new operations to be performed by the company, as well as the changes occurred in federal, state and municipal tax legislation, in relation to existing operations. It is essential to indicate the impacts of taxation and its changes, to provide better planning in business operations performed by the company and achieve better growth of its business.

Consulting in the Company Concession Process in New Businesses

Specialized service in the process of new concessions and authorizations, or respective licenses to the oil sector and others, encompassing the activities performed by the Oil Refineries, Fuel Distributors, Gas Distributors, Chemical Distributors, Ethanol Producers, Dealer Stations, Retailer Transporters – TRR; Gas stations; Producers, Distributors and Importers of Additives, Lubricants and Biofuel, as well as alcohol for other purposes.

These services cover the following areas: Federal, State, Municipal, Fire Department and Environment Regulators, in all national territory.

Foreign trade

Consultancy throughout the national territory in the qualification before RADAR-SISCOMEX – agency responsible for import and export linked to the Ministry of Finance and administered by the Federal Revenue of Brazil. Consultancy and studies conducted regarding taxation at Federal and State levels, applied in the import and export of fuels, biofuels and other products of the chemical and petrochemical industry in general, as well as alcohol for other purposes.

Internationalization of Foreign Companies in Brazil

Development of the whole process of internationalization of foreign companies in Brazil, from the study of the viability of the business to the constitution of the legal entity and consulting on the necessary licenses before all the regulatory bodies of the activities to be performed.

Our Mission

The permanent search for excellence in the services performed to our clients, with ethics and transparency.


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